The Curse! A foam trade show booth!

The Curse! A carved foam trade show booth photo op that made our client’s booth a hit!

This carved foam trade show booth took shape in the form of a massive skull mountain and throne!  Our client suggested a “skull throne with columns” as a photo op and Rich Riley and Tom Spina fleshed that out into the monstrous faux rock trade show booth you see in the images.  Richard Riley, our foam carving specialist, fabricated a booth that looks like stone and rock, with our client’s logo and branding abound, just waiting to be captured on cell phone pics and posted to Facebook and social media everywhere, no doubt!

At the Mr. Olympia expo, the photo-op booth was a huge hit and drew in guests who lined up to take a photo seated within this cinematic booth.  TSD helped our client stand out from the crowd at the trade show with our usual high level of quality and attention to detail when creating theme props.

The booth is even quite simple to assemble and take down at the end of shows, something else we pride ourselves on!  Do you need large scale foam props or statues for your next event?  Hosting an amazing party and need something created that’ll put you over the top?

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A few words from our client…

“Hey Tom, the expo was awesome, the booth was amazing and man did it stand out!! It arrived with no damage and was a breeze to put together and pack up again with the directions supplied with each crate. You guys did an awesome job of packaging it up and all I can say is thanks for doing such a great job, it just blew me away.”

Updated note from our client in 2016 – “The skull booth has been shipped around the world to different expos in Europe and the U.K. over the last couple of years and is still going strong.  We had it re-packaged into some different sized crates for ease of travel a year ago, but the booth is still the same as when we first unpacked it in Vegas almost 4 years ago and gets the same amount of attention at every expo.”

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