Foam Statue of Liberty 20 Foot Tall

Big sculpting in BIG foam! A giant foam Statue of Liberty event prop as a photo-op for Governors Ball NYC!

A truck load of white EPS foam (aka Styrofoam) was turned into this incredible hand carved foam Statue of Liberty event prop.  The giant bust stood 20 feet tall, but with her new foam carved Liberty Island inspired pedestal, she stands 26 feet tall!  We created this event prop for Governors Ball in New York City and for two years, she’s been a big hit as a photo-op at the show.

Our foam prop Lady Liberty is approximately 1/3rd the size of the original statue on Liberty Island, yet still quite massive! Our sculptors all pitched in to create these huge theme prop for the event.  The days long music festival is now an annual event on New York’s Randall’s Island and our Statue of Liberty prop watches over the massive crowds, who line up to take pics with the old girl!

Weeks of planning and sculpting by the whole team were required to create our statue. Once the foam sculpture was carved, it was hard coated with a polyurethane spray resin, and then carefully painted and weathered for just the right patina. We tested a lot of colors to settle on just the right shade of blue-green, making sure our paint would look good in bright sunlight as she’s an outdoor statue.

Once the bust was complete, we had our friends at Creative Model Shop create a giant pair of sunglasses to make sure she looked cool at the event!  Thanks to all our New York artists who worked on this project: Tom Spina, Richard Riley, Patrick Louie, Melissa Dooley, Maria Teran, Steve Abbananto, Steven Richter, Christine Richter

And also to Carl Whiffen, the show’s engineers and with additional thanks to our friends at Creative Model Shop for the amazing last minute sunglasses!

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