Back to the Future clock tower Trade Show Foam Prop

A Back to the Future clock tower trade show foam prop will get you back in time, even without a Delorean!

While you may never know when or where a bolt of lightning will strike in the real world, in the movie world of Back to the Future, everyone knows it will strike at 10:04 and the clock tower is the place!  This Back to the Future clock tower trade show foam prop is like a large scale model of the movie set, complete with columns, gargoyles, and the classic broken clock!  We were thrilled to create this foam exhibition prop for the trade show booth of our client, IGT, an officially approved Back to the Future vendor who creates electronic gaming machines.

 Our client came to us looking for a unique sculpted topper for their Back to the Future slot machines for a gaming trade show. We came up with several concepts and this prop of the iconic Hill Valley Clock Tower was the one they chose.  We actually made the piece two-sided, so it can be viewed from all sides of their trade show booth.  The foam sculpture features faux bronze gargoyles and a clock stuck at 10:04 just like the film!

Our client was thrilled with the work and this exhibit prop was a real hit at their event!  Luckily, we had time to build it to scale and to paint it!  We’re just glad no one got zapped with 1.21 Gigawatts! Great scott!  That’d have been heavy, Doc!

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