Scaled T-Rex Head Prop Bust

A foam scaled T-Rex head prop made for a Jurassic Park style room!

We’re no stranger to creating dinosaur props for trade shows and events, but this is the first we’ve made for a dressing room!  Today’s entry is about the creation of our approximately 2/3rd scale foam wall mounted t-rex head prop and the incredibly cool room that our client built around it! Richard Riley was our lead sculptor for the dinosaur bust and the room was envisioned & created by E. J. Wilson, Jason Plowman, Adriana Castaños, Jay Heller. This was the Kids of Liverpool’s dressing room who perform at The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil.

Working with the client’s budget and space constraints in mind, we worked out that roughly 2/3rd scale was going the be the right size for this particular dinosaur display.  Our lead foam sculptor, Rich Riley, created this Tyrannosaurus Rex head by hand. He began with a hand carved EPS form, made to the size and overall shape and forms of the scaled beast’s head.  The T-rex prop was then textured with a sculpted epoxy clay surface to create all of the scales in high detail. This clay turns into a rigid plastic, giving the piece incredible durability as well as movie style detail!  The mouth was filled hard resin teeth cast from molds we made of clay sculpted t-rex incisors.  Layers of paint give this monstrous animal’s scaled skin a realistic look. The foam head prop had a mounting area on the back to allow for easy install into the Cirque Du Soleil dressing room it was destined for.

  We can create all sorts of creatures and characters using this sculpture technique, and our New York studio’s work can be seen in museums, auctions and even private collections in people’s homes (and now dressing rooms!) around the world. Check out the video below to see how the rest of the room turned out!

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