Custom Foam Tyrannosaurus Rex Head Life Sized

A budget approach to a life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex head, created from hard coated EPS foam.

This five foot long foam carved Tyrannosaurus Rex head was made for a haunt owner who wanted the big impact of a full sized dinosaur head but also wanted to keep the budget in check.  Sculptor Richard Riley created the T-rex prop from EPS foam, coated with an acrylic monomer for skin wrinkling and textures.  The beast was set to attach to an existing animatronic mech that the haunt’s owner had, so the dinosaur would ultimately lunge and snap at his guests!  Subtle paint work make this dinosaur’s flame-red eyes POP and grab folks’ attention (as he grabs at them with his choppers!)

While this custom fabricated prop was created for a haunted attraction, we can make similar sculptures for museums or marketing, events, trade-shows and more!  Even for your home if you really like Jurassic Park or just like dinosaurs!

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A few words from our client…

“Amazing! Better than we could have hoped for…wow people are going to  have a case of the wet pants when that sucker comes out…definitely glad I bought the superior sound package for it. The whole thing is going to be awesome, very theme park like.  Looking forward to getting more pieces from you guys in the future… Mike”

Mike Bilski - "The Lab" Haunted Attraction