Mickey Mouse Satellite Prop Repair

Restoration of Mickey Mouse satellite prop used in the Disney Channel sign off

A time long ago, there once was a time television channels didn’t run programming all night. It was a dark time for all who remember it. But at the end of the night Disney Channel had a sign off sequence featuring this fun Mickey Mouse satellite which made it a little more bearable!

The Mickey Mouse satellite television prop arrived in fair condition, yet definitely in need of our restoration services.  Several pieces needed to be reattached, but luckily, the client had retained all of the original pieces. That’s a bit of a luxury for our conservation team as often, pieces that break off of movie or television props tend to be lost to time.  At our NY studio, Steven and Pat both worked on this project, carefully reattaching the separated pieces back into place and reinforcing where possible.

For the base in this prop display, we wanted something that would be an homage to the original sequence and give the piece a bit of context. Tom came up with this idea of a lighted Earth at night base. With a printed surface, it looks great in the light and in dimmer lighting, you can see little pinpoints of light on the planet indicating cities and lights below. A post and hidden base within the lighted Earth support this weighty prop Mickey Mouse head, a rare gem of a bygone era!

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