Gremlins 1984 Puppet Movie Prop Restoration

Restoration of a rare original Gremlins 1984 puppet from Joe Dante’s classic horror comedy.

As with many of the foam and latex Gremlins 1984 movie prop puppets, the neck had become weakened over time. In this puppet’s case his neck had completely torn/worn away leaving him decapitated!  This left the film prop in a state unsuitable for display.

Our first step in conserving this movie prop puppet was to reattach his head and to add an internal supports as well as an archival body insert. This custom insert was made to take pressure off his more fragile areas… so that he will not lose his head again!  With the body supported, we then set about our restoration of the head and neck.

Once his head was reattached we carefully patched any of the areas of missing foam using archival materials.  We texturized the patches to match the surrounding areas of original foam latex skin, disguising our repairs among the wrinkles and textures of the Gremlin puppet’s original sculpture. Once we paint match our patches, painting ONLY the repairs and not over original, screen used skin) the repairs become invisible allowing the piece to retain its vintage feel! This is our signature approach to restoration, and one of the reasons many collectors will only entrust their cherished pieces of Hollywood history with our studio!

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