Creepshow Fluffy Puppet Conservation

Our work preserving and displaying the original screen used “attack head” Creepshow Fluffy puppet created by Tom Savini.

The Creepshow Fluffy puppet – a life sized hand operated version of the character used for close ups and stunt shots. Our client had two incredible film artifacts from the movie Creepshow – the original “attack head” Fluffy puppet, and the original full-body Fluffy costume. Check out our restoration and display of the full body Fluffy prop costume here!

The first step to bringing this “attack head” back to it’s former glory was to carefully cleaning the foam and fur. The prop puppet had quite a few years of dust to contend with.  Hours of careful cleaning was performed at our New York studio.

Even with most of the face skin missing, the client wanted to preserve this piece as-is to showcase the inner workings of the puppet. To conserve the piece, any remaining foam latex skin was stabilized with archival materials, and then we addressed the always important support.  To movie prop Fluffy puppet was carefully mounted on a custom shaped conservation form.  The form was made from archival materials (including ethafoam and heat bonded polyester batting) and was sculpted to perfectly fit within the head and shoulders, supporting the fragile foam over time.  A UV filtering acrylic case was the final piece of the puzzle, to help in preserving this prop’s current state.

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