Hellraiser Engineer Movie Prop Mask Restoration

We restored this original Hellraiser Engineer puppet from the iconic 80’s horror film series.

This very large foam latex movie prop head / puppet of the Hellraiser Engineer character was restored by conservation artists Tom Spina and Mike Thomas. When the mask arrived in our New York studio, the foam latex skin was initially cracked, dry & fragile.  We took steps to both repair and strengthen the piece against future damage.  We worked to carefully clean, restore and support the existing foam while maintaining a screen-used feel.

From there, we needed to “fill in the holes” of the original Hellraiser Engineer head, rebuilding small areas of skin to cover the cracks and enhance the exposed, deteriorated foam latex. Recreating the missing special effects eye in a way that would match the original, aged eye that remained was a particular challenge.  We recreated an eye with a mix of sculpted elements, paint and a clear acrylic dome, and then weathered those elements so they’d have the same vintage feel of the remaining, screen used material.

As with all of our movie prop restorations the goal was not a result that looks “brand new”  but to make sure that our repairs blend seamlessly with the original material.  The finished Hellraiser Engineer head looks to be well preserved and in great shape considering its age.  It now displays wonderfully, looks whole and the repairs are nearly invisible!

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