Hellraiser Mask “Barbie” Movie Prop Restoration

Restoration of a original screen-used prop Hellraiser mask of the character “Barbie” from Hellraiser III.

When this foam latex Cenobite Hellraiser mask arrived in our studio for restoration, it was in very fragile condition.  The prop was extremely brittle and large sections had crumbled from damage after production on the film had ended, many years ago.

We took great care to carefully reassemble the foam prop and then patch and repair the damage. Restoration is often a very cautious process and this Hellraiser mask needed to be pieced back together in an almost puzzle like fashion.  We took steps to reinforce and strengthen the existing, aged foam latex pieces. Once that was complete, we skillfully blended over the gaps with new material, matching our sculpture to the remaining elements of the prop’s skin.  That was followed with a very targeted paint application.  When we touch up masks during conservation, we always are careful to only add paint to the repairs themselves, and not repaint the entire piece.  We keep as much original material intact as possible.  From there, this Hellraiser Cenobite prop mask was then permanently mounted to a foam display head and sealed, to give this piece of horror movie history stability for the the future.

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