Sam Trick ‘r Treat Mask Conservation

Conserving the screen used Sam Trick ‘r Treat mask from the 2007 movie!

 This foam latex animatronic movie-prop mask was featured in the stunning reveal scene (sorry, spoiler alert) from 2007’s  anthology chiller – Trick ‘r Treat! Usually seen with a burlap sack over his head, Sam’s true form as a demonic pumpkin beast was created with this foam and mechanical mask.

Unlike our more dramatic movie prop restorations, this piece arrived at our studio for preventative measures – that meant gentle conservation and a properly supportive display form. Since the production wrapped, it was kept on a fairly basic rigid foam head (a basic actor life-cast style head) which didn’t support the heavy animatronic mask very well. The head wanted to lean forward and fall and internally, there was stress on critical areas of the aging foam latex.

Patrick Louie created a custom form to help conserve the piece over time.  Our updated display form supports the heavy head upright and looks great in simple black on black, allowing the prop mask to be the focus of the display. Internally, the custom form fills out the piece to minimize gravity’s effects as much as possible and we also raised the whole piece up to allow for the back of the mask to drape without bending. Wire leads from the internal electronics are neatly bundled at the back.

The creepy foam latex mask was also sealed to help preserve the foam latex over time and several very minor surface cracks were addressed while it was in our care. We were thrilled to learn that Sam would be going to a very special home when our work was complete! This screen used Trick ‘r Treat Sam mask is now on display at the MoPop Museum’s Scared to Death exhibit in Seattle, courtesy of our client for this project, Kurt Root.

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