Freddy vs Jason Stunt Mask Display Bust

A custom display bust for a Freddy vs Jason Stunt Mask

This original foam latex prop Freddy vs Jason Stunt mask arrived to our studio in very good condition but it did not have any sort of support. Over time this lack of support can be very damaging to foam latex, so we created a custom shaped insert to help the mask keep its shape over time and help minimize the effects of gravity.

Unlike a standard head form or mannequin head, we needed to make sure that our insert would fit the  mask perfectly. Using a generic face for the insert does not give us the same ability to really support the piece (especially extended areas like the nose or chin). Working in foam, batting and fabric, we created a customized head form that could be inserted in several pieces so as not to overly stress the neck of the foam latex Freddy mask. In addition to supporting Freddy’s burned face, we also created a form to fit beneath the “bib” of the mask, which is an often overlooked area. The weight of this bib could’ve caused damage over time, as its weight would’ve tugged on the face and pulled at fragile areas like the corners of the mouth or bridge of the nose.

Our client wanted every thing outwardly to remain exactly as was so that all of the areas of production damage were completely visible and untouched. However there were areas where the mask had a few very small tears that were post-production. For those areas, we closed up the tear and reinforced them from behind with muslin fabric. This gave the piece more durability and stability in these delicate areas while also leaving the outside of the mask exactly as it was.

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The 1984 horror film that started the entire Freddy Kruger franchise!

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