Trick ‘r Treat Vampire Kid Mask Conservation

Conserving the screen used Trick ‘r Treat Vampire Kid mask from the 2007 movie!

 This slip rubber latex movie-prop mask was featured in 2007’s  anthology chiller – Trick ‘r Treat! Known as the Trick ‘r Treat Vampire Kid, the mask is made like a Halloween mask might be, from thin latex casting rubber. Unlike our more dramatic movie prop restorations, this piece arrived at our studio for gentle conservation and preservation steps. The focus on this mask was to conserve the fragile latex, and try to restore its original shape as much as we could.

Over time, a lack of internal support can allow the latex materials to flex or sag and this can cause a misshapen mask. Sometimes this can be reversed but sometimes it can’t which is why preventative measures are always the best plan for your masks, costumes and props.

Conservation work always begins with a properly supportive display form. As this latex mask aged, it began to droop slightly and that’s something the collector who owned it wanted to halt.  Luckily, this piece still had enough flexibility to get back to its original shape. Our updated display form supports the latex better overall and has an angle slightly backward to minimize gravity’s effects as much as possible in the future. The clean, simple form is covered in stretch black cotton and has a clear acrylic riser and base.

To help preserve the latex mask over time, several very minor cracks were addressed, in particular on the mask’s lower perimeter. Left untreated, cracks can worsen over time and it was wise to address these while the Vampire Kid mask was in our care.

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