Tony Todd Candyman Hook Movie Prop Conservation

An original, screen used Tony Todd Candyman hook in our studio for conservation and display. Don’t say his name five times!

A cult classic film series, this iconic Tony Todd Candyman hook prop was screen used in the sequel, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh.  Perhaps the most iconic part of Todd’s costume in the Bill Condon directed movie, this Candyman hook just needed minor conservation and a small, themed display.

When this movie prop arrived it was in very good condition, and only needed a gentle cleaning and some subtle paint touch up where original paint had flaked away. For the themed display base, we looked to the film’s mirror legend.  In the movie, to summon the Candyman (after which, he’ll come after the summoner with his hook hand!), you say his name five times in front of a mirror.  We felt a “broken mirror” base was a nice hat tip to the legend in the movie… and also the safest thing, just in case anyone happens to say his name a few times by accident!   We love creating themed displays as an homage to the movie’s in which the great props we get to restore were used.  Sometimes even the simplest little bit of theming can help provide context for props and enhance their display greatly.  Whether it’s a screen used Tony Todd Candyman hook or a life-sized Gremlins prop, or even an iconic movie prop from Star Wars, if you have any original movie props in need or repair or restoration, you know the team to call!

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