Aliens Facehugger Prop Restoration & Display

Our conservation and dramatic display for a screen used Aliens facehugger prop used in the 1986 film.

We were approached by our old friends at Prop Masters regarding the preservation of this exceedingly rare original piece of Hollywood history. We worked very closely with Propmasters owner, David Oliver to achieve the always delicate balance of restoration and conservation work, as well as a display that would meet his (and our own) high standards. The resulting Aliens facehugger prop conservation and display brought the piece gently back to life and added some wonderful theming to the final display.

After many hours of careful cleaning of the movie prop facehugger from the 1986 sequel to Alien, we set about to conserve the original latex material, repairing cracks and tears, and adding some small material to bridge a few gaps and complete the piece.  As always, we painstakingly painted only those affected areas and were careful not to pain over any original material.  When dealing with a screen used prop, we always try to maintain as much original material as we can!  Finally, the entire piece was generously sealed, to help hold any flaking paint and help bind the smaller age-related cracks seen throughout the piece.

For decades, the piece had been stored on an acrylic bell-jar and the client requested we incorporate that into the display. We envisioned a museum style display, with a hint of theming in the form of metal-look grating and an eerier green light from below.  The end result is a fairly stunning display of a truly iconic piece.

We are proud to have helped conserve this incredible film prop and would like to extend a huge thanks to David at for this wonderful opportunity!

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