Aliens 1986 Queen Alien Costume Leg Conservation

Our restoration and display of an original Queen Alien costume leg featured in the classic Aliens fight scene between Ripley and the Alien Queen.

This original film prop from James Cameron’s 1986 classic sci-fi action flick, Aliens, was a big undertaking.  And not just because this life-sized/full scale Queen Alien costume leg is nearly 5 feel long… Almost as tall as a person!

The prop itself was fragile foam and latex, but with a heavy metal understructure.  This created a real challenge in properly supporting the piece while working and for the ultimate display.  We worked on the leg “upside down” for most of the time, with restoration artist Mike Thomas leading the refurbishment efforts.

Hours were spent carefully cleaning the movie prop with hundreds of cotton swabs.  Cracks and holes were patched and blended, and carefully painted to match the original, aged foam skin.  A custom welded base supports the leg for proper display.  We’re all fans of the Alien franchise here at TSD and it was a thrill to work on this piece of the Queen!

The completed Alien Queen leg is huge and impressive.  As always, we carefully balanced the approach to restoration with our client’s overall goals. The end result is a prop that still feels wholly original, but displays much more beautifully!

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