Star Trek Darmok Mask Next Generation Prop Restoration

Restoring a Star Trek Darmok mask of the El Adrel IV creature.

Our work restoring this original prop Star Trek Darmok mask of the El-Adrel IV creature. Originally used in the classic Star Trek, The Next Generation episode, “Darmok” the heavy latex and foam television prop mask had a fair amount of post-production damage which we skillfully repaired.

Our approach emphasized maintaining the integrity of the original prop.  Wherever possible we preserved the original “feel” of the mask and evidence of age and use in the production.  Restoration artist Maria Teran was our lead artist on the conservation of this original creature mask from the classic television show.  She made relatively minor touch ups to the face and mouth, filling in some small missing bits of latex here and there.  The bib required a bit more work, including the sculpture and molding of a “blender” sheet. This was a mold to create latex skin with the same scale pattern as the original prop. We made several castings of the blender and worked them into the original material like puzzle pieces to help complete the bib and neck of the creature mask.

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