Beetlejuice Delia’s Sculpture Restoration

Restoration of a stop motion puppet of Delia’s sculpture used in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice

This stop motion puppet of Delia’s sculpture was one of several designs used during the movie’s climatic wedding scene where the Beetlejuice brings Delia’s “dangerous art” statues to life and they capture the Deetzes and keep them from stopping his wedding to Lydia.

To film this scene they created small scale versions of the bronze statues in foam latex built around metal armatures and wires. This allowed filmmakers to manipulate the figures using stop motion animation and make the look as though they had come to life.The flexing and movement weakens the foam and over time, the combined on set use during the movie and deterioration of the foam latex can cause cracking and missing material.

 We mostly focused on the two “legs” of the prop sculpture, where most of the movement would have occurred and were most of the missing material was. We subtly patched any missing pieces of foam skin and carefully paint matched only our new patches to retain as much of the original material as possible.

Our client wanted to keep the footprint of the display of his Beetlejuice movie prop as small as possible. So we created a custom black laminate base and added a custom printed metal plaque. To give the display a fun theming element we added sand to recreate the look of  Delia’s sculpture room. We also added a custom acrylic cover to help protect and keep the prop dust free.

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