Beetlejuice Sculptures Stop Motion Puppets Restoration

A pair of screen used Beetlejuice sculptures created for Tim Burton’s 1988 dark comedy.

 The Beetlejuice sculptures were “created” by Catherine O’Hara’s character Delia Deetz. These foam latex prop sculptures were used in the movie’s climactic wedding scene where the title character played by Michael Keaton tries to marry Winona Ryder’s character Lydia. When her parents try to stop the un-holy union, Beetlejuice brings the statues to life and uses them to attack the Deetzes.

To film this scene these miniature stop motion puppets were created to make it easier for the film makers to make heavy looking bronze style statues look like they actually moved.  Mostly comprised of foam latex, both puppets are built around metal armatures and wires which allowed film makers to use them as stop motion puppets.  Over time, the foam latex deteriorated somewhat, becoming fragile.  Age and handling can affect original foam latex props, making some restoration necessary.

The movie props were sent to us by Prop Store to get some minor repairs before the pieces were auctioned off. Although the puppets were in fair condition when they arrived at our New York studio, there some minor repairs made.  We subtly patched any missing pieces of foam skin and carefully paint matched only our new patches to retain as much of the original material as possible.

To learn more about the tree shaped sculpture or the “potato” sculpture, check out Prop Store’s website.

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