Toy Prototype Sculpting Zombie Halloween Prop

Toy Prototype Sculpting – Zombie Statue Parts

These mid-scale Zombie parts were created by hand as part of our toy prototype sculpting for a small business making animated Halloween decor and collectible figures.  The zombie heads, hands, feet and brains were created as prototypes for Dark Mass’ line of animated monster figures.  These macabre yet playful creatures were inspired partially by the Fulci zombie. Notice that the brains have a bite taken out of them.  We love adding that sort of detail!

The statue parts started as clay sculptures, all created by hand in our New York studio.  Negative molds were then created and copies were cast of each in a resin material. The copies are then hand painted and distressed to give them a realistic zombie look.  We took this project from concept to prototype to first shot casting and then paint masters for our client.  We can do the same for your business!

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