Braveheart Movie Costume Kilt Custom Mannequin

A custom mannequin and faux stone base for a Braveheart movie costume.

One of our client reached out to us to create a themed display base and mannequin to display this screen used Braveheart movie costume. The costume we were sent was a screen worn kilt, made from a heavy material that draped wonderfully. We decided to keep the mannequin portion of our display simple, using a modified male mannequin as a torso on which to display the kilt.

From there, most of the creative work on this display went into the themed base.  Made from hand carved styrofoam and durably coated for long term stability, we created something that was inspired by the Scottish setting and time period of the film. The rocks were each hand carved by sculptor Richard Riley and then coated with dense plastic coating.  Each was hand painted extremely realistically. Each of the rocks were then fit together to create the look of an ancient stone wall. Added faux moss to some of the rocks enhance the display and bring an even more realistic appearance.  We love mixing our skills in sculpture and fabrication with our work displaying original movie costumes like this one.  Adding a themed base or other sculpted elements can help give your costume displays context and create a look no retail mannequin can match!

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