Underworld Lycan Costume Mannequin

Custom mannequin display for an original foam latex Underworld Lycan costume from the Rise of the Lycans film.

This Underworld Lycan costume was brought to us by one of our clients. The Lycans are one of the breed of Werewolves featured in the Underworld film, Rise of the Lycans. Our client had almost the entire screen used costume minus the hands and feet. They were looking for a completely custom mannequin to display their costume as well as a themed base. They also asked us to recreate the missing hands and feet, to complete the life sized statue of the Underworld creature.

Using  photos and movie stills for reference, we found and sourced appropriate latex Lycan style monster hands to replace the missing ones.  We painted them to match the original missing hands, then we added custom fur from National Fiber Technology. We then turned back to our movie photos as reference and begun sculpting the replacement feet. When the sculptures were molded and cast in foam-filled latex, we hand and airbrush painted them and added hair so the transition was seamless between the original material and the replacement pieces.

The mannequin had to be customized to not only fit the werewolf costume (including making it through the digitigrade or “dog leg” bend) but also create a natural and menacing pose!  We wanted our life sized Lycan statue to be as fearsome as he was in the Underworld movies!  We finished off this display with a completely custom carved foam base finished with layers of paint and faux moss for a realistic stone finish.  A custom printed full color metal plaque featuring the films title completes the display!

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