Star Trek The Next Generation Costume Mannequin

Another custom mannequin to display an original Star Trek the Next Generation costume.

This screen used Star Trek the Next Generation costume was worn by the half Klingon character K’ehleyr in the episode The Emissary. K’ehleyr only appeared in a few episodes but her impressive (and very 80’s!) costumes and history with Lt. Worf made her an unforgettable character.

With costumes like this one that are made of a very form fitting and stretchy material, displaying them can become a slightly more challenging process.  Much like when a person wears a bodysuit of an elastic material when you put a costume like this once on a mannequin any lumps or bumps can show through. Any customization must thourogughly smoothed out to give the look the costume had when Suzie Plakson (K’ehleyr ) wore it on the series.  We made slight modifications to a faceless female fiberglass mannequin to make for a better costume fit, then replaced the lower legs with metal posts, as our client did not have the screen worn footwear seen in the television episode where this costume was featured.

The custom mannequin was then complemented with a faux stone carved foam base. We chose to go with a faux rock version of the Klingon insignia as a nod to the character’s background and a bit of spattered blood to symbolize the alien race’s warrior nature was a suggestion by our client.  The base was hard coated and textured and the finished Star Trek costume display is a nice mix of theming and a simple, museum style mannequin.

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