Captain Kirk Costume Display

A custom mannequin and display for a Captain Kirk costume spacesuit worn on the original Star Trek series.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the studio Tom Spina Designs. Their mission, to create a custom mannequin for a screen used Captain Kirk costume, from the original 1966 television series. Our had obtained this original body suit worn by William Shatner in the season 3 episode “The Tholian Web”. This fun and unique costume was a perfect example of Star Trek signature style and deserved an amazing display to match.

We turned to our friend, and Star Trek TOS era spacesuit expert, Ryan Nagata, who helped us by recreating the missing helmet and gloves. Working with our client, we went for an intentional distinction between the aged, original parts of the costume, and any added reproduction elements.  We chose the fabric colors that were the closest modern equivalents for Ryan’s work, but did not age any of those pieces, leaving them just a bit brighter than the original jumpsuit and tubing. We also added in a pair of similar boots in a silver color to replace the missing boots.

This costume was a perfect example of why it is so important to create the mannequin to fit the specific costume and not just to an actor’s measurements. It’s is fairly well know that Shatner’s size fluctuated through out the series, so if we were to base the mannequin off of a set of reported actor’s measurements rather than the costume’s, there is no way to know if the costume would fit properly.  Additionally, the costume’s fabric had lost a bit of it’s flexibility over time, and likely is a little looser fitting than it was in the 1960’s during filming.

For this display we wanted a very sleek and modern finish. So we decided to go with a very clean, white faceless head for the mannequin. We wanted the base to have very simple lines, but in a color reminiscent of the set dressing on Kirk’s infamous ship, the Enterprise.  A custom designed and laser cut plaque completes the display.

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