Custom Sports Mannequin – Basketball Shoes

Custom sports mannequin Kyrie Irving display for a flagship retail store.

We were contacted by a New York City shoe retailer who was looking for a custom sports mannequin for a dynamic store display. Our client wanted a basketball mannequin in a pose that evoked the look of NBA player Kyrie Irving’s signature crossover move. The custom mannequin was used in a display to promote Irving’s branded sneakers.

To give us a hand with this project we reached out to Don Bies and the White Room Artifacts crew. They helped us to create this custom mannequin that looks like he is about to make the game winning shot. The basketball in his hand looks like it is practically floating in mid air. A welded plate metal base connects at the statue’s lower back, allowing for a more dynamic pose than your average retail mannequin.

Painted solid black and displayed without a head, the custom sports figure was dressed in basketball gear for final display.  The surrounding retail display was finished out with the store’s sports merchandise and cohesively designed pedestals, the perfect way to create an impressive display while keeping the focus on the merchandise.

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