Lifesized Deadpool Costume Mannequin

 A life sized statue created for an a video game company – we turned a Deadpool Costume into their receptionist!

We love helping companies theme their space! This custom mannequin for a very authentic looking Deadpool costume isn’t the first life sized statue we’ve created like this! You may have seen our life-sized Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket and Groot statue, Darth Vader costume display or life sized Sand Trooper display created for another video game company’s offices. Mr. Pool was going to be a bit more tongue in cheek than those displays, as the company wanted to make him their office’s receptionist!

We commissioned a costume from some very talented friends. The skin-tight fit of the Deadpool movie style costume made this custom mannequin build quite challenging! We began with a standard fiberglass form, which we promptly chopped into many pieces. Steve Richter put many hours into remaking the body in a relaxed, leaning back pose. The pose was only one element to consider though. We needed to work out a body form that could squeeze into that stretchy red super-hero suit and look the part! It took quite a lot of sculpting and reworking to create a form that looked great and was able to get into the costume.

His head remains poseable, and a cocked to the side tilt gives him plenty of character.  The figure attaches to the chair at his back to ensure stability. Deadpool’s arms are cast from polyurethane foam and are fully pose-able, though his intended pose is that of a “one moment please” while he chats away on the phone. The oversized classic barely-mobile phone he’s holding sports the number to the X-Mansion written on the bottom as a little in-joke and a hint of who he might be chatting with.

And we’d like to give a special thanks to Jose Arias and Fernando Navarro for their help on this statue!

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