Spider-Man: Homecoming Costume Display

A dynamic display for a screen used Spider-Man: Homecoming Costume!

One of our clients picked up this original Marvel Spider-Man: Homecoming costume from an charity auction benefiting Toys for Tots. He was thrilled which his purchase but was not so happy with the standard mannequin it was shipped mounted on. This figure was a little large for the costume and did not really bring the Spider-man character to life in any way. So he brought it to Tom Spina Designs and asked us to create a more dynamic custom mannequin as the ultimate display for it!

We discussed many details with the client before we started work on the Spider-Man suit display. We discussed where it would be displayed, budget, our client’s vision for the final piece as well as any limitations of the specific costume. The exaggerated and dynamic pose that we settled on for this costume is not one we would recommend for every type of costume. That’s why these custom body forms are so important, because then we are able to tailor all of the details to fit each individual costume perfectly.

The client wanted to use the Marvel film’s poster as the inspiration for his display. We used that image along with some in-house staged pose photos to help us create the unique “Spidey” style body language. The custom body form is made from a mix of rigid and flexible materials and was sized to fit the costume perfectly and match Tom Holland’s proportions. That said, while dressing a human in the Spider-Man movie costume is difficult enough, dressing a dynamically posed mannequin was a real challenge! Our mannequin had to have strategic break points and areas of flexibility to allow it to get in through the suit’s only opening – a waist height zipper across the lower back. 

In order to create the impression that Peter Parker was flying through the air we also had to create a completely custom mounting system for the mannequin, which snuck out of the body via the Spider-Man suit’s aforementioned zipper. This made it so that we didn’t have to put any holes into the screen used costume. The end result is a dynamic display that looks like an image straight off of a Spider-man comic book cover!

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