Jeepers Creepers 2 Prop Corpse Carved Foam Display

A custom carved foam display for an original Jeepers Creepers 2 prop corpse.

 We created this carved display for this screen used Jeepers Creepers 2 prop corpse, essentially a statue created by the FX team for the sequel to the first Jeepers Creepers movie.  Sculptor Richard Riley created this this wood and faux metal “cross” to provide context and atmosphere.  We drew inspiration from the movie’s rustic setting and tried to come up with something that would capture the feel of the film’s sets and locations.

While it may look like this movie prop display stand is covered in rust and dirt, and that it seems counter intuitive to no not use metal when you want a metal look, there is actually a reasoning behind the use of specific materials. First of all it makes the piece lighter and more easy to move and ship, and creating faux rusted metal also helps in terms of preservation. You wouldn’t want corroding, rusty metal on your floors at home or leaning on an already fragile movie prop, would you? Our faux painting techniques capture the look and use of these materials allowed us to create an appropriate looking display while most importantly keeping this rare Jeepers Creepers 2 movie prop intact.

Whether you have a movie costume, an original prop or a mask from a film, our team of talented artists can create themed displays that will make your collectibles stand out!

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