From Dusk Till Dawn Prop Shotgun Display Base

A custom display for a From Dusk Till Dawn prop shotgun used and signed by Harvey Keitel

For this From Dusk Till Dawn prop shotgun, we created a themed base inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s cult favorite vampire flick. The shotgun prop was not only used by but also autographed by Harvey Keitel.

The bar turned Aztec temple from the end of the film served as the inspiration for the themed display base. We started with a block of EPS foam which was carved by hand to resemble the overall shape and style of the temple. We added a wooden post that was carved to not only to display the shotgun, put also support the weight of the heavy metal and wood prop. A lip was also built into the sculpted faux stone shape to work with the acrylic cover for the display.

The foam was them coated to give it a faux stone texture as well as a more durable exterior. Then the entire base was painted to look like an ancient desert temple. As a nod to the film we created two custom photo plaques for this display. One for the front, which showed Keital using the prop in the movie and the other featuring the neon sign from the bar where the climax of the film takes place.

We completed this movie prop display with a custom acrylic display cover to help keep the shotgun in pristine condition and protect it from dust.  If you’d like a clear display cover for pieces in your movie prop (or other!) collection, please visit this page to get a quote for a custom acrylic display case! Or, if you want something with a bit of theme like this cool prop display…

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