Harry Potter Props – Custom Themed Display

The Chamber of Secrets has opened… A custom themed display for a pair of Harry Potter props used in the film!

We were contacted by a client who had a pair of Harry Potter props, from the second film in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They were looking for a unique way to display for their Basilisk fang and special effects Tom Riddle diary. Before any work began we discussed several items with the client including display style, budget, any size restrictions, and condition of the pieces. This allows us to come up with a plan for the project that will safely display the piece and give the client the final look they are after.

Since the special effects Tom Riddle diary and Basilisk fang movie props are used together in the scenes from inside the Chamber of Secrets, we wanted to use that as the inspiration for the themed display. Lead artist for this project Patrick Louie started with some sketches and that helped set the direction for the project and get our client on-board with our plan.

Pat carved a faux stone base to resemble the Hogwarts castle chamber’s flooring. He added a hard coating to give it extra texture and durability, and gave it several layers of paint to get a realistic stone look. He even added faux puddles of water to help further evoke the scene from the movie and add additional layers of detail to the prop display. 

Whenever we create display stands for movie props we always examine each piece to ensure the display will not just look good, but more importantly properly support the prop.  Once we are able to determine the safest way to display a prop we can come up with a way to theme out the stands so it blends in with the rest of the display. We also make sure that anywhere that a prop will be touching these stands are covered in some kind of fabric or material that is safe for the prop to be in long term contact with.

We completed the display with a custom acrylic case and added a photo backdrop of one of the walls of the chamber featuring a large sculpture of Salazar Slytherin.  

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The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir... beware!

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