Leprechaun Movie Costume Custom Mannequin

A custom mannequin created for a screen used Warwick Davis Leprechaun movie costume.

We were contacted to create a statue on which to display this original Leprechaun movie costume worn by Warwick Davis in the original cult classic film. The Leprechaun films are a series of horror comedy films starring Warwick Davis (of Star Wars, Return of the Jedi and Harry Potter fame) in the titular role, that have become cult classics.

This piece is a perfect example of why a costume would need our company’s custom mannequin services as opposed to an off the shelf retail mannequin. Due to Davis’ smaller stature and unique proportions, the only option would be a child’s mannequin. However that would only work for the height of the costume, it would never display the costume so it looked like it did when Davis wore it. A better option was to have our company create a custom body form. This way, the custom display would be the proper height as well as the same body shape that Davis had at the time of the film, and the mannequin would now properly fill out the costume.

In order to keep these costumes intact when we display them sometimes we have to be creative about how we support these mannequins. In the case of this Leprechaun movie costume, we had the support run up the mannequins back but under the shirt and jacket.  The museum style display was finished with a clear post to support the hat and a classic wood stained base.  The result is a beautiful and simple display, that captures the feel of the character and nicely showcases the Tom Spina Designs difference!

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Before she was on Friends, Jennifer Aniston battled Warwick Davis in Leprechaun!

Download and watch it here!