Custom Mannequin for Marvel Daredevil Netflix Costume

A heroic custom mannequin made to spec to fit a Marvel Daredevil costume from the hit Netflix series!

After the auction of a number of the Netflix show costumes and props, a client brought us this screen-used Marvel Daredevil costume for our special custom mannequin service. A standard retail mannequin would not do the trick on a complex costume like this. Our custom services helped give this costume the heroic presentation it needed, and gave the valuable film artifact the display it deserved.

The gritty Daredevil series featured quite a stunning costume. The layering, textures and details were all off the charts. The owner wanted to keep all of that intact, so that meant finding a way to support the body form had to be something other than drilling through a boot or running a post through the costume somewhere. Our solution is a very clean, simple metal post that comes up behind one leg of the figure, with a flat bracket that’s thin enough to slip under the back of the jacket to connect to the heavy fiberglass figure beneath.

Getting the proper fit and drape for the costume was equally challenging. Though the heroically neutral pose may look simple, it’s far from a standard body beneath. As always, adjustments were made for pose but also height, limb length, shoulder width and then further changes to the chest, waist and hips, all to help the costume fit just right. Custom bendable hands were made with heavy duty wire that could support the stunt nunchucks that our client also provided. A simple black base grounds the display with museum style.

To top off the display, a 3D modeled faceless head was made to fit inside the cowl and helmet with a perfect fit. The head was printed and hand finished to complete a heroic display for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen!

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