Mike Myers Cat in the Hat Movie Costume Display

An original Mike Myers Cat in the Hat movie costume on a custom mannequin with a themed display base.

For this custom mannequin project, we were sent a Mike Myers Cat in the Hat movie costume which included a stretch backed body suit and cowl (by Steve Johnson’s Edge FX) , along with a Rick Baker test makeup bust (which came via the amazing Rick Baker auctions at Prop Store).  We took those elements and made a life sized display of the classic Dr. Seuss character for our client.

The custom mannequin had to be padded to match the under suit worn by Mike Myers as part of his Cat in the Hat costume for the movie.  A fiberglass mannequin was modified for height and the addition of custom, poseable foam hands.  We added layers of foam and batting to create the padded thighs, belly and, of course, rear end.  This gave our statue the proper silhouette and helped the costume stretch and drape just right for the display.

The movie costume was missing a few elements, though.  The tail, gloves and feet were not present when the costume arrived for display.  We custom made fleece gloves, and then set about creating foam feet and a poseable foam and wire tail.  Our good friends at National Fiber Technology, the top industry source for movie fx hair, had created the fur for the film.  We had them create us a small run of hair to match the movie costume, and we used that fur when recreating the tail and feet for the Cat.

We drew inspiration from the iconic image of the Cat in the Hat balancing on a ball for the base of this custom mannequin.   A hand painted round base has the same markings seen on the ball in the film and the classic Dr. Seuss tale.  Somewhere between a museum display and a themed display, this costume figure now has just the right mix of class and fun!

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