Planet of the Apes Chimp Costumes Mannequins

A pair of complete Planet of the Apes chimp costumes displayed on custom life sized mannequins with themed display bases.

We were commissioned to create two life sized statue displays for a pair of original Planet of the Apes chimp costumes from Tim Burton’s 2001 remake of the classic sic-fi action film. Our clients had the screen worn costumes which included everything from head to toe.  Each had full armor, clothing and helmets as well as ape hand gloves and ape foot shoes. They also had the amazing latex stunt masks that were created by by Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios. Baker’s incredible work for this film was nominated for several awards including a BAFTA (and others!) for best makeup and hair.  Each latex mask was fully painted and had hand punched hair throughout.

For both of these Planet of the Apes costume displays, TSD created custom glass eye inserts to simulate the look of an actor wearing the latex mask and chimp costume. We then sculpted and painted the surrounding eye area to blend the eyes to the rest of the mask, much like Baker’s team would have done on set. We also created two customized ape-posed mannequins which fit each of the costumes perfectly and allow some basic poseability for the collectors who own them.

We created a themed display stand for each, created via carved and coated foam (EPS) for a natural rock/sand look.  A custom metal plaque adorns the front of each life sized ape statue, completing these highly detailed displays!

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