The Mummy Movie Costume Mannequin

An original The Mummy movie costume display mannequin with carved foam faux stone base.

A custom display created for an original The Mummy movie costume from the 1999 film starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. Our client had a original foam latex mummy bodysuit and feet from the film as well as an unpainted latex mask casting.  Since the costume was tight fitting we were careful to make sure that the custom mannequin was properly sized to not put any unnecessary stretching on the delicate costume. We also had to finish the unpainted mask to match the coloration and look of the screen used movie costume. Since the hands were missing we sourced a pair of similar style latex hands which we modified and painted so they blended seamlessly with the rest of the original costume.  We also added the “decaying bandages” which is the finishing touch any good mummy statue needs!  We posed the body with a forward lean, as if he was stopped mid-lumber, lurching forward for his next victim!

For the base we chose to create an Egyptian stone themed look, using hand carved foam to create the look of stone blocks and a crumbling stone wall. We scattered the base with pieces of the faux stone to give the impression that the mummy came crashing through the wall. We used several layers of paint to create an ancient sand stone look. We completed the base with a custom full color metal plaque, so that everyone will know what movie this costume was used in.

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