Pandorum Movie Costume Display Statue

An original Pandorum movie costume displayed on a custom mannequin with a themed base.

This Pandorum movie costume was originally used in the 2009 sci-fi thriller starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. This costume worn by one of “the Hunters”, the humanoid creatures who inhabit the ship that Quaid and Foster wake up on. The hunters are cannibalistic creatures that our main characters are trying to escape through out the film.

We created a custom mannequin to fit the painted stretch fabric body suit.  We also added a custom sculpted head by artist Jon Fuller.  The latex head came to us unpainted and our artists finished it to match the movie costume and gory look of the film.  Bloodshot custom glass eyes give the statue a menacing and creepy look.  We also added a pair of life casted hands for an extra level of realism.  The sculptures were then finished with several hand painted layers to give the skin sickly translucent look.

The display was completed with a custom themed base using the space ship as inspiration for the style. The base featured a grating over mechanics, wires and even lights to give the impression of a ships inner workings. Then it was given a realistic weathered paint job to match the film sets.  A full color metal plaque notes the film’s name and completes the display.  The final display is a life sized character that looks like he stepped off the screen!  We took a box of miscellaneous costume parts and pulled together a custom display like no other!

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