Pan’s Labyrinth Ofelia Costume Themed Display

A custom foam caved base and torso mannequin to display an original Pan’s Labyrinth Ofelia movie costume.

This custom display of a screen used Pan’s Labyrinth Ofelia movie costume features a faux stone base which looks like something straight out of the film. Since Ofelia’s dress was made of a more sturdy material and the dress was average size for a child we were able to use a relatively stock child’s toro mannequin. This gave the dress support while allowing it to hang in a very natural position.

Drawing inspiration from the film’s poster, and of course Guillermo del Toro fantastical labyrinth, we sketched up a faux stone base with a recess for a printed color plaque, and we chose to add the stone carved face that is featured on the movie’s poster to balance things our on the other side. We then created the base out of hand carved EPS styrofoam. Once every thing was carved we coated the foam to give it even more of a realistic stone texture as well as give the base stability and durability. The themed display was then painted with several layers to give it a realistic, dirty, aged, stone look. To give it a more fantasy aged look we also added faux moss and vines and finished it off with a custom, full color metal plaque with a similar vine design.  The resulting display is still relatively simple, yet something much better suited to a fantasy costume than a plain store mannequin might be!

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