Pink Power Ranger Costume Display

Customized Mannequin for Pink Power Ranger Costume from the 2017 Movie

A custom mannequin we created to display a Pink Power Ranger Costume from the 2017 Power Rangers film. This screen used movie costume was worn by Naomi Scott as Kimberly aka The Pink Power Ranger.

Creating a mannequin for this costume was a lot more challenging then it may seem at a glance! The costume is made with several layers of form fitting pieces including a very constricting corset, a spandex style body suit and lots of rigid armor pieces. The difficulty is that mannequins are not flexible or can’t exhale to help get that little bit of wiggle room to get zippers closed or armor in place. So everything need to fit each costume piece perfectly. This meant creating our display form to fit the measurements of the physical costume and not an actor’s recorded measurements. And the form fitting bodysuit meant the mannequin needed to be sanded to perfection.

We chose to go with what we call a “heroic neutral” pose. Something that gives the figure presence but also keeps the pose from putting stress on the costume. With this style of gloves were also able to use bendable hands which meant the client could easily and safely change the pose when they wanted.

One of the most unique aspects of this costume were the built in lighting elements. There was a bit of CGI added to the costumes, but the production team built lights into the suit to give off a glow. On this costume they were still functioning! We were able to rewire them so that they could safely be plugged into a wall outlet. Then, to cover the tracking markers on the chest and replicate the galaxy look from the film, we created a transparent cover which sits in the chest plate, but did not modify the actual costume keeping its history intact.

For the Pink Ranger’s base we wanted to add a little bit of theming but also keep the display fairly tight. We created an all black carved faux stone base that took inspiration from the film’s posters and the obsidian rocks where the Rangers find their power crystals. The final display is a unique way to display a striking Power Rangers movie costume that would never fit on a standard store mannequin!

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