Planet of the Apes Chimp Costume Display

An original Planet of the Apes Chimp costume display.

This display of an original Planet of the Apes chimp costume from the 1968 sci-fi adventure film. Our client had an original chimpanzee bib (or collar) and decorative arm bands and was looking for a way to display them that would pay homage to the original film. We drew our inspiration from an actual piece of ape furniture seen in the Ape City sets used in the movie.

We tweaked the design of the faux rusted posts that come out of the base so that the would more naturally support the costume pieces. We also created a faux stone square base with a cut out that mirrors the stone furniture piece in the film. We then coated the base for stability and added several hand painted layers to give the stone a realistic aged look. The result is a very unique costume display for an otherwise difficult to display set of Planet of the Apes costume pieces.  Our studio specializes in creating themed displays and custom mannequins or statues for original costumes used in your favorite movies or even cosplay costumes.

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