Fantastic Four Thing Mask Bust Display

It’s clobbering time! A foam carved base and custom bust display for a Fantastic Four Thing mask.

This movie prop Fantastic Four Thing mask is a set of facial appliances and screen used dentures. Included with the props was a Michael Chiklis life cast made from resin and foam to store them when not in use during production. When the facial appliances arrived in our NY studio the were still in several separate pieces which were only being held on to a production used  foam life cast with pins.  We carefully removed the pins and mounted the Thing foam latex facial appliances to the life cast paying special attention so that the edges blended seamlessly. The client asked us to mount Chiklis’ screen used dentures and add a pair of custom, baby blue, glass eyes to complete the character.  Eyelids were sculpted by hand and the color around the eyes blended off with the rest of the movie mask.

To give give the display of these foam latex props a little bit of theming, we created a foam carved base the newly created Thing bust. Since the life cast was production made and had production markings on it we didn’t want to sacrifice the history of the piece so we built a carved faux stone base that would surround the bottom of the white production lifecast, while keeping the original, production base intact.  We used carved EPS for our base, which was hard coated and painted with a faux stone look (and emblazoned with the Fantastic Four logo).  The before and after photo shows the TSD difference… from “props on a head” to a very life like representation of one of comic books’  (and movies’) classic characters!

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