Planet of the Apes Costume Display Mannequin

An original Planet of the Apes costume turned into a life sized custom display with themed base.

This screen used Planet of the Apes costume was brought to us by one of our clients for a custom mannequin and themed display. They not only brought us the original Orangutan costume but also provided us with the reproduction Dr. Zaius head, made by the talented folks at Apemania. We created a custom mannequin by using the costume’s measurements to ensure the costume would fit and be supported properly. We also custom painted a pair of urethane hands so they matched the head we were provided.

We chose our inspiration for the themed base from a scene in which the temporarily mute Taylor tries to communicate with the apes by writing in the sand. But several of the human try to stop him and Dr. Zaius (who is Minister of Science and also Chief Defender of the Faith in the movie), erases his writing before any of the other apes can see that Taylor can communicate. We created this carved foam base with the crossed out words written in the sand on the other side of the “fence”. We finished the base by adding real sand into the paintwork, to give the base a realistic texture. We also used several layers of paint treatment to give a more realistic finish. The rusted looking faux metal posts that extend up from the base evoke the bars of the cage within which Taylor makes his attempt!  We’ve had the good fortune to display a number of screen used planet of the apes movie costumes and always enjoy a trip to Ape City!

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