Planet of the Apes Zaius Costume Life Sized Statue

A custom life sized display for a very unique original Planet of the Apes Zaius costume.

We were commissioned to create a life size display for a rare, “undressed” original Doctor Zaius costume from the film Beneath the Planet of the Apes.  Unlike most of the Planet of the Apes Zaius costume pieces in collections, this custom mannequin was created for his full fur bodysuit, made for the scene in which Doctor Zaius and General Ursus are taking a steam bath while discussing the invasion of the Forbidden Zone. Our client provided us with a head (created by the talented folks at Apemania).  We modified the hair on the head to look a bit more “steamed” and colored it slightly to blend more seamlessly with the fur covered Orangutan body suit.

Based on the sets seen in the film, we created the primitive looking wood bench and put our custom poseable mannequin in a seated pose.  With his head looking up and at a slight angle, Dr. Zaius appears to be in deep thought and considering his next move.  An added weathered towel brings a final bit of context to this very unusual Planet of the Apes life sized display figure!

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