Resident Evil Nemesis Costume Custom Mannequin

An extra tall custom mannequin for a giant, screen used Resident Evil Nemesis movie costume from the film.

We were asked to create an extra tall custom mannequin for this Resident Evil Nemesis movie costume from Resident Evil: Apocalypse. This display was particularly challenging because of the structural support the mannequin needed. The movie costume was made from a range of heavy materials, like thick leather, fiberglass and silicone rubber.  It was so heavy that the costume alone weighed nearly 100 lbs!  Not only did the costume weigh a ton but the finished display was about seven feet tall. Which made supporting the display even more challenging.  Between the weight and the size of the costume, an average retail mannequin was not even an option.

And when folks find themselves looking for something better than a standard store mannequin, they come to us!  We customized a torso of the actor who wore the Nemesis costume for the movie, then added rigging for the screen used hands and filled out the jacket’s arms.  The body is supported on a heavy duty steel pipe with a large flange and wood base.  The giant black boots each support a fake leg going up under the Nemesis’ long leather coat.  In the end we created a custom movie costume display which was not only impressing and imposing, but was also a sound structure on which our client could store this valuable movie collectible!

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