The Ruins Movie Costume Themed Display

A simple, yet themed display for a The Ruins movie costume.

A clean and simple display, featuring a mannequin torso with a faux stone carved base to display Jenna Malone’s The Ruins movie costume. The Ruins is a 2008 horror thriller film starring Malone and Shawn Ashmore as friends on vacation in Mexico who go out an excursion to an archaeological dig site where they find something evil living in the ruins.

We started by customizing the mannequin torso to be Malone’s size during filming so the costume fit perfectly. Once the mannequin was finished we started working on the base. Since the movie takes place in an archeological dig we chose large stone blocks reminiscent of the movies setting.We carefully sculpted and then coated them to give a more realistic texture. The faux stores were then painted to be even more realistic. We also added vines too add another dimension to the sculpture, and as a nod to the film.

Not every costume display has to be big budget or in a crazy pose. We love mixing the clean look of a torso or museum style display, with the context and fun of a little bit of theming on a base like this one.

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If you haven't seen The Ruins, based on the terrifying best-seller by Scott Smith

Download and watch it here!