Star Trek Movie Costumes on Custom Mannequins

A trio of customized display mannequins for original Star Trek movie costumes.

These custom displays were created for original, screen used, Star Trek movie costumes worn by William Shatner, DeForest Kelley and Leornard Nimoy in the film Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home (with some also used in Star Trek III, the Search for Spock).

The most challenging to build of the three, was the display mannequin for DeForest Kelley’s  Dr. McCoy costume. For the “Bones’” costume we had to recreate the actor’s thin build to make sure that the costume was properly supported without putting any stress on the pieces. His costume includes the pants, a safari shirt/jacket and his classic ascot or scarf from the films!

The custom mannequin for William Shatner’s Admiral Kirk Starfleet uniform required a slightly different approach, with padding added to ensure a proper waist fit and to give the right posture and “puffed out chest” to emulate the way the actor carried himself in the fim.

With Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock costume, we created a torso to support the heavy Vulcan robes and we added a display head to support the character’s iconic headband (which was used in the film to hide his pointy Vulcan ears!).

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