Tennis Photo Op Custom Realistic Mannequin

A custom tennis photo op mannequin created for a US Open event booth.

The wonderful people over at LG reached out to us looking for a unique tennis photo op for their US Open event booth. We came up with this fun elevated twist on the typical carnival cutout photo ops using a custom mannequin for a realistic 3D look. The fiberglass manequinn allowed their booth visitors to look like a tennis pro at the event!

We began by figuring out exactly what we wanted the pose to look like. The client wanted a “tennis celebration” look, and wanted one of the arms to hold the tennis racket (because it was for the US Open!) but asked that we leave the other arm open so each person could hold an LG phone in their photo. We removed the back half of the mannequin so people could fit the shoulders into the mannequins giving the illusion that it was actually their body  not that they were standing behind something.

We chose to go with a realistic style for the mannequin’s arm and legs so that at first glance it appeared to be the person’s actual body. We finished the arm and leg sculptures with several layers of paint to give a more realistic skin look. We then dressed the custom mannequin with a 2014 US Open t-shit, tennis shorts and sneakers so each person who took a photo looked like they were ready to step out on the court for their tennis match!  Statues like this could be made for any sport, like football, hockey or even baseball. This sort of custom photo op would be great for your next event or trade show!

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