Underworld Selene Costume Kate Beckinsale Mannequin

Custom mannequin and themed display of a screen used Kate Beckinsale Underworld Selene costume.

We were brought this Underworld Selene costume by one of our clients who was looking for a custom mannequin and themed base to display their iconic movie costume. This client had Kate Beckinsale’s signature slinky catsuit outfit, corset, jacket, and even one of her magnetically attached gun holsters from the film Underworld Evolution.

Since Selene’s costume was so form fitting, every customization of the mannequin had to be perfectly smooth. We were very careful to make sure the catsuit would fit on the mannequin, the way it had fit Beckinsale’s slender figure, without adding additional stress on the costume’s seams. We chose to pose the mannequin with one of her hips slightly popped, which gave our statue the air of femme fatal. It also helped us to showcase her gun holster by pushing her jacket behind the holster, as if she was considering reaching for her gun.  As our client did not have her original boots, we used screen captures to help us find a similar pair of replacement boots to complete the costume for our statue’s display.

We finished this life sized costume display with a custom themed display base. The rigid foam base was carved to look like gothic stone bricks reminiscent of some of the movie’s sets. As with almost all of our display bases we made this base viewable from 360 degrees. This allowed the client the option to display the piece away from a wall so that you could see the embroidered details in her jacket as well as the bullet wound in her back.

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