Dark Crystal Movie Props Custom Acrylic Display Case

A custom acrylic display case for a trio of rare The Dark Crystal movie props.

It’s rare to find movie props from any of Jim Henson’s films and any time we are able to work on one of these we are thrilled. Since Jim Henson is one of our favorite film makers we were so excited that one of our clients brought us these three The Dark Crystal movie props to display.  The props are hands from the various “podling” character puppets used in the 1982 production of the film.

When any prop is brought to us for display, the first discussion we have with our clients is, “What type of display are you looking for?”  We want to know if they’d like something themed or with some sculpted elements, almost like a scene out of the movie, or if perhaps they’d prefer a more sleek museum style display. We discuss with them potential options and offer suggestions based on our experience.  Our goal is to help people to create the best displays for their props or collectibles. Throughout the entire process we are in constant communication with the client, and try to ensure that the end results are exactly what they’ve imagined and hoped for.

For this Dark Crystal movie props display the client chose to go with a more museum style acrylic display case. Whenever we create any type of movie prop display the biggest concern is always how can we make the display look amazing while safely displaying the props. For this case we displayed the smaller pair of hands by taking an acrylic block and adding custom grooves for the armature wire to slide into. This kept any pressure off of the very delicate foam latex. For the larger hand we added two acrylic posts to the acrylic block so the prop could gently rest upon it.  The acrylic display case features thick 3/16th inch acrylic for a weighty, museum-style appearance and was completed with a custom metal plaque to showcase the items within.

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A few words from our client…

I received the display and everything looks great! I must say that the guy who packed it must have been a mummy embalmer in a past life. That thing was packed so well it took me an hour to get it safely out of the box. I was in between cursing him and praising him the whole time. Today since its all over, I’m praising him, especially since I now don’t have to buy packing material for another year. Anyway looks great! Y’all did a great job. Look forward to our next project!

Private Collector of Original Movie Props