Pinocchio and Figaro Statues Display

A custom acrylic display case and base for Pinocchio and Figaro statues, which were featured in an original Walt Disney World Main Street window display.

These Pinocchio and Figaro statues were originally featured in a whimsical window display on Main Street in Walt Disney World. While not exactly like the movie props for which we often create displays, these statues from the park are works of art and genuine pieces of theme park history.

For the display, our client wanted to keep that sense of whimsy and chose the porch of Geppetto’s home in the animated feature as the inspiration for the display.  TSD artists Pat and Christine started with a basic wooden pedestal as the base for the display, to that they added molding and EPS foam panels. Texture was then added to the molding and the panels were carved to create the exaggerated, cartoony, faux wood grain.  We then coated the entire base to add durability and extra texture.

While the base was being created, Steven began carving the top piece out of styrofoam to look like cartoon cobble stones. He used a different method of coating but it still added durability and texture. To that topper we also added 4 small pegs to help keep the case from moving around at all. We also added a  custom acrylic stand to support Pinocchio since he’s “got no strings”.

When it came to the painting the base we turned again to the 1940 cartoon to create a paint scheme true to the film’s style. Melissa then added the hand painted filigree and floral patterns taken straight from Geppetto’s home design.

To match the movie, our client asked us to add an apple and a stack of replica books (including a copy of Pinocchio) to create more of a scene on top of the display. To keep the Pinocchio puppet and Figaro statue in pristine condition we finished the display with a custom UV resistant curved acrylic display case. If you need your own custom display case, just click this link for a quote!

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