Honey I Shrunk the Kids Ant Puppet Display

Antie! Our themed display for an original stop motion Honey I Shrunk the Kids ant puppet!

Who could forget Antie? This Honey I Shrunk the Kids ant puppet was used in stop motion FX work on the classic 1989 Disney film. It came to our studio for minor restoration and our signature style themed display!

This ant puppet arrived to our studio in very good condition, which is always nice to see with stop motion puppets or any movie prop. The repeated movement that these puppets do for stop motion films can often cause the materials to become fragile over time, but lucky for Antie, he seems to have withstood the wear and tear of filming and the years after like a champ.

For his base we immediately thought to make a scaled themed base inspired by the set of the film. Lead artist for this project, Patrick Louie, created a base to look like the backyard of the Szalinski family home. He added rocks, dirt mounds and blades of faux grass. He also sculpted a large scale replica of the sandwich cookie that the kids come across and share with their new friend Antie in the movie.

Hidden rigging allows the movie prop ant puppet to attach to the display base in such a way that it can rest on a table or even hang on a wall. The finishing touch was a custom designed and printed acrylic plaque with the film poster art. We love displaying props like this, and especially any prop used in classic fx work on wonderful films like this one!

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